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RE: kickstart error - 'no valid devices to create filesystems'

Title: RE: kickstart error - 'no valid devices to create filesystems'

Yeah, I see this all the time. - drives me nutz!

I first saw this when trying to partition a HD in Linux that was once had BSDi installed.
Now I seem to see it _all_ the time. 
I'd say this is a problem with the tools Red Hat uses to partition the disks.

This is what we do to work around the problem. 
If anybody has a more efficient method, please let me know!

1) boot a linux distro that mounts no hard drive partitions and lives entirely in ram disk. 
I recommend Toms RBT distro.  (the most linux on one floppy):

2) run the command 'badblocks' on your hard drive (comes with Tom's). 
Give it the 'write' parameters.  For an IDE disk on /dev/hda, 
I do:
'badblocks -v -w /dev/had'
let it go for about 50 to 100 K, then hit ctrl+c to kill the program.

This thing will overwrite any partitioning information, and kickstart will now think you have
plenty of hard disk space to build partitions into.

Good luck!

Ryan Allen
Senior Test Engineer
desk: 206 - 272 - 6538
fax:   206 - 272 - 5585
email: r allen f5 com

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I've got a very good idea what the problem is, having seen it recently.

My experience is that you hit this error if your boot.img (or bootnet.img)
doesn't match the OS version that you're installing.

I ran into this problem with VA's version of RedHat - and don't recall
having the issue with RedHat 6.1 - YMMV. This can be as subtle as March
and June versions of "the same" OS.


On Fri, 15 Feb 2002, Brian K. Jones wrote:
> I have a machine with two hard drives, both empty, and the simplest
> kickstart file in the entire world.
> At first, I was getting errors that kickstart 'Could not allocate
> partitions', even though I was well within the space limitations of
> the disk, and I was only creating the minimum required partitions
> using only a fraction of the drive's 36GB capacity.
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