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Re: interesting problem

> Two chief candidates are the passwd and shadow files.  Depending on 
> the type of machine it is, the shadow and passwd files can come from 
> different 'Prototype' directories.  I'd like to get rid of these 
> files altogether as far as the kickstart tree goes (along with the 
> /etc/group file), but I'm wondering if this might cause issues with 
> missing uid's or gid's, or, even worse, if I might later on 
> mistakenly replace a user's uid with, say, a future service's uid.

umm what are you putting in /etc/shadow below the say 500 or 1000
uid/gid mark?

My general rule that I follow is:
<500 local system only - mostly accounts needed for the OS to function
>500<1000 network-level general/system-use accounts NO USERS HERE
>1000 user accounts

> If anyone is managing a slightly more complex kickstart environment 
> that might have some tips for me, I'd be very happy to hear them.

If you want to maintain the namespace across multiple machines on the
same network look at using nis or ldap for your nss.


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