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Custom kernel installs


I've been trying unsuccessfully to install a custom kernel during an
http-based kickstart install.  I'm using a RH7.2 base, along with some
additional packages I've created myself.  I've gone through the usual
buildinstall, pkgorder, genhdlist sequence, (as described by Tony Nugent's
how-to) and I can get everything to install fine, including my additional
custom RPMs, except for the kernel RPM.  It installs okay, but won't boot,
because grub.conf is missing the "initrd" line.  The "kernel" and "root"
lines are correct.

Note that the kernel RPM I've built is correct, because if I boot from the
standard kernel and run rpm -U, the new kernel installs and works just fine.
It's a 2.4.17 kernel, if that is significant.  The package file is
kernel-2.4.17-ITF3.i386.rpm, if that is significant.

How do I tell anaconda to properly create the grub.conf entry with the
initrd line, as it should be?

Carey Jung
IT Freedom®
carey itfreedom com
512.419.0070, fax 419.0080

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