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Re: e1000 module installation weirdness

Cool idea !!

Can you sidestep any of those other steps below ?

Cheers,     Andy!

On Thu, 28 Feb 2002, Frans Lawaetz wrote:

> If you put the e1000 module in the tmp directory *beforehand* (i.e.,
> during the creation of the custom initrd.img) you are able to sidestep
> the extraction problems.
> I imagine this might solve other module issues.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Frans Lawaetz [mailto:frans lawaetz lbri lionbioscience com]

> To get the e1000 module onto the regular bootnet.img disk I did the
> following...
> First, the usual routine of gunzipping initrd.img, and then
> gunzip&cpio the modules.cgz included within. I removed a few
> networking modules that I didn't need, and added e1000.o that I took
> from the supplemental network driver disk.

> I carefully copied and pasted the definitions from modinfo on the NIC
> driver disk to module-info on the bootnet.img disk .. and did the same
> for the pcitab file.

> I then cpio'd, gzip'd everything back together and made myself
> a new boot floppy.

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