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comments on kickstart chapter 1 from customization guide, RH 7.3

  [possible submission to bugzilla.  comments?]

* 7.3 Customization Guide
** Ch 1: Kickstart

(some comments based on comparison to kickstart documentation
in /usr/share/doc/anaconda-*/install-methods.txt)

p. 18: bullet point: "Items must be specified *in order*."
   This is misleading since, according to the next few bullet
   points, it's just the *sections* that have to be in the
   right order -- nothing said about the order of items within
   those sections.

18: bullet point: "Items that are not required can be omitted."
   While, over the next several pages, some items are listed as
   "required", it appears to be inconsistent what this word
   means.  The most egregious violation of this is that, while
   "xconfig" is defined as being optional, there is a "skipx"
   directive that says to skip X configuration.  Why is the
   "skipx" directive necessary if "xconfig" is optional?

25: Under "nfs", there is I believe the first reference to the
   "Red Hat installation tree," with no definition of what this
   is.  This is clearly the same thing as what the documentation
   file install-methods.txt defines as a "fully exploded tree" --
   the combined RedHat subdirectories of all of the installation
   CDs.  A definition of this in the Cust. Guide would be useful.

27: "langsupport": If only one language is to be supported, it's
   sufficient to specify "langsupport us_EN" for example.  Yet
   the ksconfig utility insists on generating the line
   langsupport --default us_EN us_EN

   Not wrong, just overly wordy.

30: That line in 3pt type could probably stand to be a little
   larger. :-)

36: Duplicate footnotes.

37: "%pre" section.  Sample commands shown for %pre section are
   far more suitable for the %post section.  %pre commands are
   typically more sophisticated and most kickstart files I've
   seen don't have a %pre section.  Perhaps a "pre" discussion
   of the rationale for this section in the first place.

   Besides, it's not clear *what* those commands would be doing
   in the %pre section, unless I'm missing something.

37: "%post" section.  Sample commands here are the same as in
   the %pre section, but here, they seem appropriate.

40: The last sentence of Section 1.5.2 is confusing, possibly

   "If you do not specify a path or filename, the client system
   will try to mount /kickstart from the BOOTP/DHCP server ..."

   But what if you still provided a "next-server" directive?
   Are these two directives -- "next-server" and "filename" --
   independent?  That is, can you have either one without the
   other?  If I don't "specify a path or filename", why can't
   I still specify a next-server?  Or is this really not allowed?

40: Sample ks boot commands under "ks=nfs" and "ks=http" have
   a superfluous second colon.

41: Very last line has a superfluous colon as well, inside the
   angle brackets.

General observations (may or may not be issues):

1) No definition of a "Red Hat installation tree."
2) No reference to new ISO-based network installs.
3) No reference to how to incorporate anaconda updates in the 
   install (although this may be beyond the scope of this chapter,
   but a pointer to the /usr/share/doc anaconda documentation 
   would be helpful.)


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