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Re: Can kickstart be configured to auto-check for dependancies andinstall them as well?

On Fri, 31 May 2002, Rishi Gangoly wrote:

>I checked for libttf.so.2 in rpmfind.net and found this rpm to have this
>file: freetype-1.3.1-5
>Then I realized that there maybe other rpms that have been installed without
>checking for dependencies.
>Is this true? If yes, is there an option in kickstart to do a dependancy
>check for all rpms and then auto-install them as well?

If there's a way to access Anaconda's dependency resolution routines in
kickstart mode, I've never found it. AFAIK, the %package section
defines, with the aid of the comps file, all the packages to be
installed, and no more (with "Base" included by default).

A workaround is to use a test in the %postinstall section to identify
missing dependencies, e.g.:

test -z `rpm -Va --nofiles --noscripts` || error

"error" can be anything you like, from logging an error message to
installing the missing packages. This would be tricky, probably
requiring a combination of rpmdb, "rpm --redhatprovides ...", wrapped up
to work recursively. Much like Anaconda can do with manual
installations, in fact.



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