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Re: comments on kickstart chapter 1 from customization guide, RH7.3

On Sat, 1 Jun 2002, Paul A Sand wrote:

> Some argument descriptions don't describe their syntax. For example
> "--fstype": should it be "--fstype=ext3" or "--fstype ext3"?
> [And why does the config file use these two different syntaxes anyway?
> But that's not a documentation issue.]

i remember moaning about this once upon a time, and i'm pretty sure 
someone mentioned that, regardless of what the documentation says,
either way will be acceptable.  can anyone clarify this?
> The section called "Creating the Kickstart File" says
> "LILO Configuration" is required in an upgrade kickstart file,
> but this should probably refer to "bootloader" instead.

added to my list.
> Missing altogether is the description of how to avoid the installation
> of a package in the %package section, e.g.
>     @ GNOME
>     -gnome-games

added to my list.  (cute.  never saw this one before.)


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