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Re: good example for %pre section???

On Mon, 3 Jun 2002, Carl Riches wrote:

> On Sun, 2 Jun 2002, rpjday wrote:
> >
> >   in aid of designing good ks docs, anyone got a *good* example for
> > a sample %pre section?  the red hat course rh133 shows the example:
> >
> >   %pre
> >   mknod /tmp/hda
> >   dd if=/mnt/source/pub/mbr.img of=/tmp/hda
> >
> > which will create disk partitions simply by dumping a pre-configured MBR
> > with partition table to the hard disk.  while this may be a valid example,
> > will it adequately demonstrate what the %pre section might be used for,
> > as opposed to the %post section?
> >
> > anyone got better examples for %pre?
> >
> Here's what we use to partition a 9GB SCSI disk prior to installation so
> that we get the disk layout we want.

thanks, that's a good example since, as far as i know (someone please 
correct me if i'm wrong), there is no way to lay out partitions precisely
at particular locations and be able to create explicit extended and/or
logical partitions using the standard "part" directives, is there?
you're pretty much reduced to using fdisk in the %pre section, no?


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