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kickstart - ok via floppy, fails when booting from cd

I've been testing my %post section, over and over till I get my server
100% during install just the way I want it. :)

During all this my floppy drive went bad. So I mounted
dosutils/autoboot/cdboot.img and copied over my msg file and the
modified version of syslinux.cfg and then created a bootable cdrom.

It boots from the cdrom fine.  I select the SMC driver (Thank you for
making it part of the default package.:))  and it goes to the kickstart
file. (GET /./fs.cfg HTTP/1.0" 200 9272) and then blows up with some
text on the first virtual terminal "install exited abnormally --
received signal 11"  on vt3 I see

sending dhcp request through device eth0
nodns is 0
reverse name lookup failed
ks location: http://kickstart/fs.cfg
transferring http://kickstart//./fs.cfg to a fd

And now I've no choice but to reboot...  

Any ideas on how to work around this?


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