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Re: chroot

On Tue, 4 Jun 2002, James Oden wrote:

> > 
> > 
> >   given that a ks file can have only one %post section (right?),
> > and that section is either --nochroot or not (right?), if i
> > want to get both effects, can i just start with the --nochroot
> > directive and, in the middle of the %post section, do a simple
> > 
> > chroot /mnt/sysimage
> > 
> > and keep going?  is there anything tricky or non-intuitive about
> > this i should know about?
> >
> Well, the answer I would think does not lie in kickstart but the chroot
> command.  The chroot command is going to do the chroot call and then
> launch /bin/sh (or is /bin/bash on linux...either way its the same shell).
> So if you really wanted to do that you would need to either create
> a script with a here document or have one installed by an rpm and have
> your chroot call be made like:
> 	chroot /mnt/sysimage path_to_script_in_chroot_env

ok, i'll think about that.  admittedly, i don't have a persuasive
reason to need this feature -- it was more for just curiosity and
wondering whether *anyone* had ever found a compelling need to
do this and, if so, how?
> Though I was looking at some anaconda source the other day that led me
> to believe you could have multiple %post sections; wish I could recall where 
> that was.

and *that* would be useful to know, too.  again, not sure what i'd
do with that information, but what the heck.


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