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KDE Desktop Kickstart problems

OK...would you believe I actually have an X-Windows screen now on my
extremely customizable one-disc RH7.3 installation.

Now, hopefully what seems to be the last hurdle...I have tried a flurry of
fixes, to no avail.

After logging in at the X-Windows login, it sends me to classic X Windows
system terminal. Default is set to KDE and I have all the packages asked for
in the KDE package in a default comps file.  I also updated and added RPMS
such as XFree86*, Xconfigurator*, fvwm*, xinitrc*, gtk+-*, tcl-*, tk-*, qt*,
and gtk* (as outlined in http://kb.redhat.com/view.php?eid=181) but I still
just get the classic X Windows system. I did not install any GNOME rpms or
packages, just KDE....can anyone think of something crucial that I am
missing? Thanks!!

Ricky Baca
I.T. Technician
Lewis Center for Educational Research
17500 Mana Road
Apple Valley, CA 92307
(760) 946-5414 ext. 297
ricky avstc org

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