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RE: KDE Desktop Kickstart problems

Yep it was....loaded it up and it is running great now....thanks for the
help...i swear on the O'Reilly books that I use, as soon as I have better
knowledge with this stuff, I will be contributing to this board!!

Ricky Baca
I.T. Technician
Lewis Center for Educational Research
17500 Mana Road
Apple Valley, CA 92307
(760) 946-5414 ext. 297
ricky avstc org

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Subject: Re: KDE Desktop Kickstart problems

Baca, Ricky wrote:
> Through that...I have been able to find out that I am missing 3 xdm files
> that are softlinked into the /etc/kde/kdm directory:
> Xaccess, Xsession and Xsetup_0
> Apparently....once again...another RPM is missing, most likely....I am not
> 100% sure...gonna play around and find out what I am missing....
> Ricky Baca

It looks like it is xinitrc.  Check it with `rpm -V xinitrc`


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