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Attempting customized network install, including ks.cfg

Hi kickstarters:

I have been partially successful with rh-7.2 network-based installs.

I picked an nfs/pxe/tftp server, which is currently running RH-7.2.

Installed anaconda and anaconda-runtime.

Put rh-7.2/images/pxeboot/initrd.img and vmlinuz in /etc/tftpboot/...

I can now run interactive net installs with no issues. I merged in all the updates and included a new comps file, so I'm not affected by the perl/Omni dependency issue.

I use nfs for this. I also have an http server available but had no luck with that method. What I WANT to do is serve my kickstart config files from either the nfs server or the http server so I can do non-interactive installs once I'm past the kernel option passing stage.

I.E. I want to say Kernel Options: ks=nfs: OR ks=

I have tried both methods, where I have /rh-7.2 in my /etc/exports, have remembered to run exportfs -a, and have placed ks.cfg in /rh-7.2. I have also put ks.cfg in /var/www/html/rh-7.2, where /var/www/html is my apache document root. No luck with the non-interactive install with either of these methods. My ks.cfg points to the RedHat install tree on the nfs server and mounts just fine.

The only way I have had a successful non-interactive install is to modify my initrd.img, place my ks.cfg in there, and refer to it on the installer kernel boot options line, I.E. options: ks=file:/etc/ks.cfg

I don't want to do it that way, because I want to be able to easily modify my ks.cfg. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong with the nfs and http location of the kickstart file?



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