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Re: why doesn't /root/anaconda-ks.cfg contain partition info?

On Thu, 6 Jun 2002, Mike McLean wrote:

> rpjday wrote:
> <snip>
> > #clearpart --linux
> > #part / --fstype ext3 --onpart hda1
> > #part /7.3 --fstype ext2 --noformat --onpart hda7
> > #part /home --fstype ext3 --noformat --onpart hda5
> > #part /usr --fstype ext3 --onpart hda6
> > #part /win --fstype vfat --noformat --onpart hda2
> > #part /var --fstype ext3 --size=512
> > #part swap --size=512
> > #part /preserve --fstype ext3 --noformat --onpart hda3
> > 
> >   so where's the partition size info?  i would have assumed that the
> > whole point of this generated file would be to support creating another
> > host practically identical to this one.  it's kind of tough to do that
> > when you have no partition size info stored in the file.
> The lines in anaconda-ks.cfg mirror what you specify interactively.  In 
> this case you apparently recycled almost all your old partitions.
> Note that --size and --onpart are mutually exclusive.  It doesn't make 
> sense to specify the size for an existing partition.

oh, cripes.  i knew that, i was just too dense to see it.  i skimmed the 
top part of that, and somehow missed the --size=512 options later on.
i'm normally not this stupid.  i have *got* to stop drinking cheap wine
for breakfast.  argh.


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