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ksconfig, language selection generates info in ks.cfg

  ksconfig has some strange behavior when letting you make the
selections for language support.

  first, by default, the language is "u.s. english" -- fair enough,
but what's generated in the ks file is

  lang en_US
  langsupport --default en_US en_US

that second line could just as well be

  langsupport en_US

but it gets weirder.  say i select "german" as the installation
language.  checking with "Save File" shows the new lines:
  lang de_DE		(ok)
  langsupport --default de_DE de_DE en_US	(?????)

why is en_US still there when it was never selected?  and further,
suppose i change my mind and put language back to english, then
check the generated file:

  lang en_US
  langsupport --default en_US de_DE en_US

what's "de_DE" still doing there?  i reverted back to english,
but apparently ksconfig is hanging on to the previous german choice.
and if i pick an additional language (say, spanish) from the language
support list, that gets added to langsupport, but de_DE is *still*
there.  apparently, there's no way to make it go away now.

  am i doing this correctly?  is it bugzilla time again?


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