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Re: Attempting customized network install, including ks.cfg

Mike Snitzer (msnitzer plogic com) said:

> On a slightly related note; on RH7.3 when I attempt to kickstart via PXE
> or NFS kickstart w/ bootable media I get failures...
> 1) PXE kickstart:
> the system boots and gets an IP from dhcp; pulls down the vmlinuz and
> initrd.img... the pxelinux.0 and hex file for the dhcp-assigned IP located
> in pxelinux.cfg directory specifies the location where the ks.cfg for the
> node being build is found.
> Therefore, the files in pxelinux.cfg which have contents like:
> DEFAULT pxelinux.cfg/vmlinuz
> APPEND ks=nfs: initrd=pxelinux.cfg/initrd.img
> that are supposed to pass the APPEND section to the installer are
> seemingly NOT passing what they should.. or th einstaller is puking on
> it.  Either way has anyone else seen this?

I wasn't clear... when the installer loads it attempts to go through the
same process that an nfs kickstart would; namely; the installer attempts
to get an IP from a dhcp server; and with that IP it would then pull down
the kickstart via NFS from the pxelinux.cfg specified location.

The problem I'm seeing is the system never gets a dhcp reply while in the
redhat installer... even though the system was able to get the right IP
from dhcp during the PXE boot process.  So the installer fails with unable
to find /tmp/ks.cfg (which results from not getting an IP that it could
use to pull the ks.cfg off of the nfs server).

Hopefully this is more clear, thanks.


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