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Re: proper (hypothetical) setup for net-based ISO install

On Thu, 2002-06-06 at 21:06, rpjday wrote:
>   even though some of the ISO-based net install stuff doesn't work,
> hypothetically, how would one set it up?

It all works interactively -- just the FTP/HTTP loopback mounted type
doesn't work with kickstart. 

> the FTP and HTTP methods at least describe how the ISOs should
> be mounted using loopback under the directories disc1/, disc2/
> and so on.  but under what directory structure?  will those
> directories be under a RedHat/ directory?  surely they wouldn't be
> under a RedHat/RPMS directory on the server, would they?

No, you just have a directory hierarchy like the following

-> somedir
   -> disc1
   -> disc2
   -> disc3

And list somedir as your dir to install from.  Since you've loopback
mounted the isos, then under disc1, etc, you'll have a RedHat dir.
>   and the info for the NFS ISO approach is even skimpier --
> doesn't mention directory names at all.  is there more detail
> elsewhere?

The NFS ISO method doesn't even require loopback mounting... just put
the discs in a directory (named *-disc1.iso, *-disc2.iso, etc as they
are on the ftp site) and they get loopback mounted from over NFS.  Note
that you need to have a different directory of ISOs for each release you
want to install in this fashion.



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