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Re: Attempting customized network install, including ks.cfg


Thanks for the reply. I've read this whole thread but still I have some confusion.

When you say you put ks=http://kickstart/fs.cfg on your startup image, what do you mean by that? I assume you are passing that as a kernel option somehow? Whenever I try to do that, using Ip addresses rather than hostnames, my install skips my kickstart.cfg and goes interactive.

I think I could easily solve all my location problems if I could configure the local DHCP server with next-server directives so I may pursue that route.

BUT, I am still interested in debugging my current approach of referring to the kickstart config on the kernel boot options line, which is retrieved through pxe, in the form of ks=nfs: or ks= I require the remote boot method because the machines I'm installing are 1U rackmounts with no floppy or CD-ROM. If I were to upgrade my pxe/nfs/http server to 7.3 and begin installing 7.3, would the nfs or http kickstart method I just described work, where it does not work in7.2?

Thanks again,


On Thursday, June 6, 2002, at 10:42 AM, Chad M. Stewart wrote:

I've done nearly what you want in the last few days using 7.3.  I have
the advantage of having control over my DHCP server.  Though not a big

On my startup image I put ks=http://kickstart/fs.cfg  This is easier and
allows me to update on the fly but is hard coded to a specific file and
if different profile machines are doing this at the same time...

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