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running "fdisk" on the hard drive in the %pre section

  yes, even more questions.  first, what devices are automatically
available in the %pre stage of a kickstart install?  i pulled apart
the initrd.img file from the boot floppy, and what i found in the
/dev directory were a number of device files.  are these in fact
exactly the initial set of device files that you start with?

  next, there are no hard drive device files, which is why i've
seen a couple examples of %pre sections that create the appropriate
device files with "mknod".  but i've seen two variations:

  mknod /dev/hda
  mknod /tmp/hda

why under /tmp as opposed to under /dev?  i'm guessing they both
work as long as you refer to the resulting device file consistently.
or *is* there a difference?

  and finally, i looked at an example "fdisk" session someone
posted recently, in which he used fdisk to partition a hard drive.
his %pre session started with:

  echo | fdisk /dev/sda <<EOF
  ... fdisk commands >>>

what's with the "echo |"?? is this somehow different from just

fdisk /dev/sda << EOF
... fdisk commands 

just curious.


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