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Re: %post commands ignored

I have noticed my %post section ignored once as well-- the only time it happened was when I used a Windows box to edit the ks file. I think editing the file in Windows adds the extra CR/LF. Did you edit the file in Windows?


Charles Howse wrote:

I am doing a Kickstart install of RH 7.3 from /dev/hdc2, a partition
which holds the .iso images in addition to other files.

My ks.cfg file is 99% generated by Anaconda following a manual install.

This is an ext2 partition, per the kickstart instructions on the RH

I have 2 issues...

1.  I want the install program to create the /redhat directory and map
to it on /dev/hdc2.
But, if I include the line "part /redhat --fstype ext2 --onpart=hdc2
--noformat", the install crashes with msg: "...can't find partition
hdc2, the partition does not exist."
Is there any workaround for this?

2.  My %post commands are ignored.  Right now, I'd settle for the mkdir,
but I have a lot more I'd like it to do.
What's going on?  Can I send errors to a log file for diagonosis?  I've
tried this with and without the --nochroot, with and without specifying

Here's my ks.cfg file:

harddrive --partition hdc2 --dir /
lang en_US
langsupport en_US
keyboard us
mouse genericps/2 --device psaux
network --device eth0 [snip]
rootpw --iscrypted [snip]
firewall --medium
authconfig --enableshadow --enablemd5
timezone America/Chicago
part /boot --fstype ext3 --onpart=hda1
part / --fstype ext3 --onpart=hda2
part swap --size=375 --onpart=hdc1

@ Network Support
@ Messaging and Web Tools
@ Windows File Server
@ Web Server
@ Server

mkdir /redhat
useradd charles


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James S. Martin
RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer)

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