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RE: %post commands ignored

On Mon, 10 Jun 2002, Charles Howse wrote:

> Re-typing the file in linux was the solution!  Thanks James!
> Thanks to Chris Rouch for the reply, also.
> I've just completed a ks install with a LONG, LONG list of %post
> commands, and only 1 failed because of a typo!  :-(
> I worked around the #1 issue by just mounting the /redhat directory in
> the ks file and umounting it when done.
> NOW...
> Could we work on something else?
> I'd like to learn how to do a NFS kickstart install.
> I have my main server as an NFS server, exporting the /redhat directory.
> Problem is, I have a 3c509 nic in the machine to be installed, and I
> need to load a driver disk at install.
> Per RedHat, I have created the netdrv.img (or whatever it's called)
> floppy and copied the files to the root of /usr, and included the
> correct line in ks.cfg.  I have as well loaded eth module for the 3c509.
> The file below was created by doing a manual NFS install, and inserting
> the driver disk when prompted.
> I added lines 2, 3, 4, and edited the partitioning, packages, and %post.
> The issue here is that the ks install crashes out to the vanilla text
> install.
> I'm using the bootnet.img, and linux ks=floppy at the prompt.

what is the directory structure under the NFS-exported directory?
does it have the form RedHat/{base,RPMS}?  if not, that's why it's

once it fails, switch back to one of the virtual consoles --
there should be at least *some* kind of explanation, perhaps
that it can't find a valid installation tree at that server
and location.


p.s.  i noticed you were running useradd to add a user account.
you've probably noticed that you can't log in to that account once
the machine comes back up until you adjust the password.

consider putting the command

passwd -d <username>

as part of %post, as long as you remember to eventually give
yourself a password.

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