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RE: %post commands ignored

The directrory structure contains only the 3 valhalla-i386-discx.iso
files, and some saved configuration files.
Remember, I'm working from an existing manual NFS installation.  
The only thing I had to do then was supply the driver disk when prompted
and select my 3c509, works perfect.

Good idea on the virtual consoles...
Ctrl+Alt+F3 yeilds the following:
[Several lines preceeding]
* kickstart file copied to /tmp/ks.cfg
* probing busses
* finished bus probing
* found nothing
* looking for driver disk (ext3, hda2, /tmp/disk)
* failed to mount /tmp/disk
* unknown module 3c509
* no appropriate device for kickstart method is available

So...looks like it can't find the driver disk contents that I copied to
the root of /usr (hda2), so it can't load the 3c509 module.  Shouldn't
it be able to load that driver from the kernel without a driver?

My existing partitions are all ext3.
But...if I tell it to look on an ext2 partition...IT WORKS!
It loads the 3c509 module and begins the install from the
It crashes out with a dumpfile that pretains to partitioning.

Current ks.cfg:

driverdisk hda2 --type ext3
device eth 3c509
nfs --server --dir /redhat
Etc., etc.

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what is the directory structure under the NFS-exported directory? does
it have the form RedHat/{base,RPMS}?  if not, that's why it's failing.

once it fails, switch back to one of the virtual consoles -- there
should be at least *some* kind of explanation, perhaps that it can't
find a valid installation tree at that server and location.


p.s.  i noticed you were running useradd to add a user account. you've
probably noticed that you can't log in to that account once the machine
comes back up until you adjust the password.

consider putting the command

passwd -d <username>

as part of %post, as long as you remember to eventually give yourself a

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