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RE: FTP install with kickstart

Thanks.  Adding the ramdisk_size= parameter solved it.

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Subject: Re: FTP install with kickstart

On Tue, 2002-06-11 at 18:32, Harris, Mark (CCA09) wrote:
> I am trying to do a remote installation of RH 7.2 using a ks.cfg file and an
> FTP server.  I have made a boot floppy from the bootnet.img image and put 
> my ks.cfg file on it.  I have been successful in doing an installation
> by typing 'linux ks=floppy' at the boot prompt.  This was all done to
> make sure that my ks.cfg file worked like I wanted it to.  When I try
> to do a remote installation across the network, I get an error and am
> unable to complete the installation.  First, some background.  For the
> remote install, I am first putting a DOS image onto the harddrive of
> the remote computer and then copying over my ks.cfg file, as well as
> the initrid.img and vmlinuz files from the dosutils\autoboot directory
> on the RedHat CD and loadlin.exe from the dosutils directory.  I then
> run 'c:\loadlin c:\vmlinuz initrd=c:\initrd.img ks=hd:sda1/ks.cfg' 
> This seems to be working, and I am not prompted for any user input. 

You need to add the ramdisk_size=7192 parameter to your loadlin line.



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