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Re: need syntax for clearpart with multiple drives

kickstart.py is pretty cut and dry on this:

    def doClearPart(self, id, args):
        type = CLEARPART_TYPE_NONE
        drives = None
        initAll = 0

        (args, extra) = isys.getopt(args, '', [ 'linux', 'all', 'drives=',

        for n in args:
            (str, arg) = n
            if str == '--linux':
                type = CLEARPART_TYPE_LINUX
            elif str == '--all':
                type = CLEARPART_TYPE_ALL
            elif str == '--drive':
                drives = arg
            elif str == '--initlabel':
                initAll = 1

        self.setClearParts(id, type, drives, initAll = initAll)

Not much else you can do.  Sure they are IDE drives?


> I am trying to setup a kickstart config file with a raid config for 
> hda and hdc.  I want the kickstart to wipe both disks of existing
> partitions.
> clearpart  --all 
> Appear to just do hda,
> doesnt look like 
> clearpart --all --drives=hda hdc
> or
> clearpart --all --drives=hda, hdc
> work.  I don't have the error codes because I am creating this kickstart 
> config file for someone else.  It is not working for her and I don't have
> the spare hardware at the moment to setup a two disk system that I can
> afford to wipe.
> Any suggestions for the syntax?
> Chuck
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Brad Doctor, CISSP

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