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Re: using driver from drvnet.img

On Tue, Jun 18, 2002 at 11:51:13AM -0400, Mike McLean (mikem redhat com) wrote:
> Amy Tanner wrote
> > I'm trying to kickstart some boxes that have an integrated Compaq
> > network card.  Using the standard bootnet.img file, the kickstart does
> > not recognize the card.  From another working Compaq box, I've deduced
> > the driver I need is the tlan (Thunderlan).  I see it exists in the
> > drvnet.img.  What's the EASIEST way to get the kickstart to use the tlan
> > driver?   
> > 
> > Thank you.
> Try an nfs install.  I believe that the tlan driver is in the second 
> stage image for nfs installs (just not for ftp/http installs).

I don't have an nfs server to do an nfs install.  Just an http server.

1. Can I just make a floppy with the drvnet.img and get it to look at it
after it boots from the bootnet.img?

2. I was using the bootnet.img from the 7.2 shipping release.  I see
there's a newer one in the 7.2 updates.  How can I tell if it includes
the tlan driver, without actually running through the kickstart to see?

Thank you.
Amy Tanner
amy real-time com

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