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Re: using driver from drvnet.img

On Tue, Jun 18, 2002 at 06:13:47PM +0200, Anne Possoz (anne possoz epfl ch) wrote:
> Amy Tanner wrote
> > I'm trying to kickstart some boxes that have an integrated Compaq
> > network card.  Using the standard bootnet.img file, the kickstart does
> > not recognize the card.  From another working Compaq box, I've deduced
> > the driver I need is the tlan (Thunderlan).  I see it exists in the
> > drvnet.img.  What's the EASIEST way to get the kickstart to use the tlan
> > driver?
> Try adding "dd" on the line when you start kickstarting.
> How do you kickstart? We use a patched bootnet.img with the kickstart file
> and we enter "ks" to start the process.
> So the next line should work (tested for redhat 7.1)
> 	ks dd
> as with normal nfs bootnet.img or pcmcia.img we do "linux dd"

Thanks, I'll try that. My ks.cfg looks like this now:

default ks
prompt 0
label ks
  kernel vmlinuz
  append ks=floppy dd text initrd=initrd.img lang= devfs=nomount ramdisk_size=7168

I'll let you know if it works.  So, dd will make kickstart prompt me for
the drivers disk when it needs it?
Amy Tanner
amy real-time com

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