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Re: using driver from drvnet.img


  Is it necessary that you use a floppy?  I just put the CDROM in and type linux ks=nfs:<servername>:/<sharename>/ks.cfg  (assuming you have put the ks.cfg file on the nfs share).  The CDROM has the driver built in.
  However, if you use a floppy then use the bootnet.img which has the 3c509 driver already in it.

I hope this helps.

-Todd Chilson

Charles Howse wrote:

> Amy Tanner wrote
> > I'm trying to kickstart some boxes that have an integrated Compaq
> > network card.  Using the standard bootnet.img file, the
> kickstart does
> > not recognize the card.  From another working Compaq box,
> I've deduced
> > the driver I need is the tlan (Thunderlan).  I see it exists in the
> > drvnet.img.  What's the EASIEST way to get the kickstart to
> use the tlan
> > driver?
> >
> > Thank you.
> Try an nfs install.  I believe that the tlan driver is in the second
> stage image for nfs installs (just not for ftp/http installs).

Well, then perhaps you could tell ME how to use the 3c509 driver in an
NFS install.
It exists in drvnet.img, and I can do a manual NFS install by inserting
the driver diskette when prompted, but I can't make the install work
right unless I put the contents of the driver diskette on a partition on
the system to be installed.
That kind of takes the "kick" out of kickstart, eh?

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