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Making initrd ramdisks over 64MB

[...possibly a little off topic...]

I'm trying to build a initrd image that loads out of grub
that is over 64MB in size.  Basically consider it to be
a custom mini-RH that has just the pieces needed to
do the job, rather than all the stuff that you get in a 
default no-packages-specified RH installation.

I can build a initrd file of any size I want.  The problem
is getting it to boot.

I pass the ramdisk_size=64000 parameter to the kernel
in the grub menu as it boots.  The problem is if I make
the ramdisk_size > 64000.  It tries to boot, but gives
me a cryptic prompt to insert disk #2 (huh?).

In looking in block/rd.c looks like there's a default of
16 ramdisks and a default block size that when you
combine them you get a 64MB initrd ramdisk max.

There's a very poorly documented ramdisk_blocksize
that it appears I can pass as well, is this how folks
can get 512MB ramdisks and the like for applications
that they want to run totally in memory ?

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