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Re: minimally changing rh72 disk-1

On Fri Jun 21 2002 at 09:01, "Skahan, Vince" wrote:

> genhdlist aborts with a traceback that points to one
> package.  I run dependency-check.py and it says
> "possible problem with package <its_name>".
> I delete the package name from the comps file and
> run genhdlist again.  Aborts with a different package
> identified.
> I delete it from comps. Run genhdlist again, same
> thing except ANOTHER package.  And so on.  And so on.

Yep, you'll have to keep fiddling with the contents of RedHat/RPMS/
and what you have in the comps file until you have all the
dependencies satisfied.

BTW, what is this "dependency-check.py" that you mention?

I'm aware of the following tools:
- genhdlist is good in that when it fails it gives some useful error
  messages (it used to simply segfault and dump core:)
- /usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/check-repository.py (remove "import todo")
- Seth Vidal has some useful things here:

Did you check out the RULE project?  One of their aims is to produce
trimmed redhat installers that can be used on old low-end boxes.
You might find it useful for your needs...


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