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Re: minimally changing rh72 disk-1

On Fri Jun 21 2002 at 18:38, "Skahan, Vince" wrote:

> It 'was' check-repository.py that I ran after
> commenting out the todo line.  It reported problems
> with the same package that genhdlist aborted on,
> which was shown at the bottom of the stack trace
> as it blew up.

[ ... ]

Seems as if the checks are doing their job :-)

Specifically, what rpm package(s) is(are) causing the complaint(s),
and what is the actual error message?

Without being there to see what is happening, it seems that either a
dependency package is missing in the RedHat/RPMS/ directory, or
mention of the dependency is missing in the RedHat/base/comps file
to force it to be automatically installed with the rpm in question.

Find the rpm that satisfies the missing dependency ("rpm -qp
--whatprovides i386/RedHat/RPMS/*") and put it onto the RPMS/
directory (and alter the comps file accordingly, if necessary).

> My confusion is from the fact that I changed
> 'nothing' and copied the whole cd to spinning disk,
> and genhdlist failed, but when I ran it against the
> cd itself (via its mountpoint) it worked fine.

Hmm, I can't quite visualise what you're doing here, nor the logic
behind it:)

Ok, you have cut the distro down to fit onto one cdrom image, and
modified RedHat/base/comps accordingly.  How is it possible to run
genhdlist against a non-writable directory tree (on a cdrom), when
it will attempt to write the result into the RedHat/base/ directory
on the cdrom?

You really need to satisfy the dependencies, or else the installer
will, at best, *always* pause to ask if you want to install the
dependency package.  Even with a kickstart install the same thing
will happen - unless the dependency package is specifically
mentioned for inclusion in ks.cfg.  At worst, the installation will
fail completely because the dependency package is missing.


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