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RE: minimally changing rh72 disk-1

Sigh - it works much better if you think a little.

The problem I was having was that I had an invalid
test.  The thought I had was to run through the steps
RH would have used to create vanilla rh72 disks
(ie, genhdlist, edit, pkgorder, genhdlist, splitdistro)
and verify that I could essentially delete one rpm
and add one more, and get it all to work to make sure
I understood the procedure needed.

The problem was that I was using the rh72 disk1 comps
file, which (duh!) references disk2 rpms.  Of COURSE
it complained.  I hadn't copied both CDs to spinning

When I copied 'both' CDs to spinning disk, it was a
piece of cake to delete pretty much all the Xwindows
related stuff I could identify, got it all down to
under 500MB on disk, and verified today that I can
kickstart my custom mini-server setup fine from the CD.

[...Tony/Mike - thanks for the help, I'm still looking
     at what you sent and will provide feedback

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