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Re: undoubtedly easy question about customizing syslinux.cfg

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
  as a beginning, the wording in the syslinux.doc file seems misleading.
that file describes the configuration line

DEFAULT kernel options...

as i understand it, the word after "default" is not a kernel, it's simply
a label that should match one of the labelled stanzas further down the
file, correct?


  second point: if, at the boot prompt, i type a label followed by
one or more options, i'm assuming that those options are *added* to
the append options already listed for that label, yes?


so if i type

boot: linux ks=floppy

i get the stanza labelled by "linux" with all of the corresponding
append options, *as well as* my "ks=floppy" option, right?


now say i wanted to create a custom boot floppy that automatically
did a floppy-based kickstart install.  i can see a couple of different
ways to do this:

1) just change the default line to read

default linux ks=floppy

2) add a new stanza with a label like, say "ks", that had the
ks=floppy option appended to the list of options, and have the
default line

default ks

leaving the original linux stanza where it was.

will either of these work? is one recommended over the other?

Either of these will work. I prefer the latter, so that I could do a 'regular' install if I wanted to.



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