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Re: Xconfigurator --kickstart

On Thu, 27 Jun 2002, Matt Fahrner wrote:

> So, why then was Xconfigurator built into kickstart? It seems to make 
> a lot more sense to use XFree86's, though maybe a pain because 
> packages have to be pre-loaded. Is it because of the GUI install front 
> end?

Yep. We need to be able to configure X before we can run Xconfigurator.

> I think it would be worth some effort to go back to "Xconfigurator 
> --kickstart" (not that I'm offering). As it is we have found no way to 
> make kickstart properly detect our Samsung 750p's.

The monitor detection code is almost identical; you should (ideally) find
where it's going wrong in your case or at least file a bug in bugzilla. The
Xconfigurator code is reall horrible. It started life as xf86config (which
was really ugly to begin with) and then had a number of quick hacks put
on top of it. The code is really unmaintainable and needs to be thrown
out at some point.


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