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Re: Xconfigurator --kickstart


  Thank you very much.  Even though I am not a coder, I do understand.  I am a soon to be RHCE and this is my first shop were I actually rolled out a rh cluster, servers, and desktops.  I am so happy with it that I would love to go further into coding though, so I do appreciate the comments very much.

Thanks again,

Erik Troan wrote:

On Thu, 27 Jun 2002, Todd Chilson wrote:

>  I hate to ask yet another naive question on this list, but I don't understand
> what you mean by "morass of Xconfigurator."  Could you help me with that or give
> me a web site that would explain it to me a little better.

You'd really have to read the code to understand this. It's poorly structued
and very difficult to maintain. Small changes tend to have unpredictable
results (much of this was inherited from the original xf86config; much of
it was added by myself and others).

If you're not a coder you may not be able to appreciate how important this
aspect is.


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