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Re: using ks only for package selection

Bruce Lowekamp wrote:

I would like to use kickstart only to select the same packages on all machines. (partitions, networking, etc may be different between them). This is to do a 7.3 install on an existing 7.2 system (usually reformat / and /boot, keep existing /home)

I tried this by taking an anaconda-ks.cfg and paring it down, but it didn't work. I cut it down to just:
# Kickstart file automatically generated by anaconda.

<package list deleted to save space>

and it still didn't work. It failed after mouse selection with the message:
"Could not allocate requested partitions
Parition failed: Could not allocate partition as primary partition
Press OK to reboot"

No where in any of the ks.cfg files I used was there any information about requested partitions. I expected to be prompted for that. As the machines aren't all partitioned the same way, I would like to be prompted for that. I am glad it failed to repartition the drive, since that isn't what I wanted it to do.

The same installation went fine without using kickstart, but I would like to make the next 5 machines the same.

Any suggestions?


I do something similar to this. I am prompted for the partition info, root password and XWindows setup. Try removing interactive to see if that helps. Make sure that you are using the proper ks.cfg file.



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