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Re: Problems finding ks.cfg file on CD-ROM

Harry Smith wrote:
When this runs it accesses the CD drive but apparently doesn't read the ks.cfg file
> since it starts to prompt for setup parameters.

Hmm. Any unusual messages on the consoles? If you proceed and go to prompt on Alt-F2, can you find your ks.cfg? Does it appear intact? Check /proc/cmdline; is your ks argument present?

Try putting some commands in %pre that echo to one of the consoles. See if they appear.

echo ' Fixing LILO...' >> /dev/console
rpm -i /mnt/source/gravRPMS/liloconf-1.0-grav1.noarch.rpm

# Install JRE & gravmsg last due to
# JRE RPM missing a package order...
echo 'Installing Java Runtime Environment...' >> /dev/console
rpm -i /mnt/source/gravRPMS/jre-1.3.1_02.i386.rpm

I get open failures on the rpm files (File not found). I know the installer can read
> the CD since it installs linux onto the platform. I have verified that the files are
> there. I used the Alt-F2 window to verify that the /mnt/source is valid and the files
> are there. Does the installer use a different mount point? Could this problem be
> related to the first??

You didn't show us the %post line. You did use the --nochroot argument, didn't you? Otherwise you will be chrooted into /mnt/sysimage.

The last time I saw this behavior was because of carriage returns. Python deals with them properly when it parses the kickstart directives and packages, but it passes the %pre an %post sections verbatim to the shell, which *does not* treat carriage returns as whitespace. In your case that would cause rpm to look for files like
which aren't present.

So check your ks.cfg for carriage returns with a command like
% od -t x1 ks.cfg |grep '0d'

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