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Modify bootnet.img ?

I'd like to modify the 'bootnet' floppy, and replace the eepro100
driver with the e100 that Intel puts out. I've wasted the whole weekend
trying to get this working, but to no avail. I'm hoping wiser minds
on this list can shed some light and help this bumbling guy out...

To compile the Intel driver, I installed RedHat's kernel sources
from "kernel-2.4.18-3.src.rpm" on a machine running RedHat 7.3
(but not the same kernel, unfortunately, since it has been upgraded).
I copied over the config file "kernel-2.4.18-i386-BOOT.config" that
came with the RPM, and did a "make oldconfig" (preceded by a "make mrproper")
and followed by "make dep bzImage modules".
Then I compiled Intel's driver, pointing it to the sources and
headers installed above.

The problem is: the versions of some of the symbols don't match.

I looked at the versions of some of the symbols, and the versions
generetated in the include/linux/modules/*.ver files don't match the
versions in the kernel present on the bootnet floppy (very painfully
I was able to extract the linux kernel from the 'vmlinuz' and see for

The alternative is to compile the kernel myself. But, for some reason,
the kernel compile from this 'stock' RedHat config file doesn't work;
the target machine is a Sony Vaio laptop with funky devices like a
USB FDD, and none of the modules get loaded when I use 'my' kernel.
It looks like the floppy doesn't get detected by the kernel, or the
ramdisk doesn't get mounted (but I could be wrong here).

Any help will be appreciated.


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