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Changes to Kickstart in RH 7.3?

Does anyone have a list of any changes that has been made to the kickstart
application in RH 7.3?

Brent Clements

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Sent: Monday, May 06, 2002 12:11 PM
Subject: request for clarification: Redhat 7.3, FTP/iso install?

> Hi,
> I think I'm tripping on some of the lingo here.  In the FTP section of
> the install manual, it shows a picture of the FTP dialog screen where
> you can enter the name of the server and the directory containing the
> 'Redhat files for your architecture'.  Simple 'nuff - been there,
> done that.
> However, it says on the bottom - in a 'Tip', that:
> You can also install Red Hat Linux using ISO images without copying
> them into a single tree by loopback mounting them as:
> disc1/,disc2/,disc3
> What exactly does that mean?
> Can someone clarify this a little?  How do you 'loopback mount'
> something that's across the network, over FTP?
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