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Re: request for clarification: Redhat 7.3, FTP/iso install?

Brian K. Jones wrote:


I think I'm tripping on some of the lingo here. In the FTP section of the install manual, it shows a picture of the FTP dialog screen where you can enter the name of the server and the directory containing the 'Redhat files for your architecture'. Simple 'nuff - been there, done that.

However, it says on the bottom - in a 'Tip', that:
You can also install Red Hat Linux using ISO images without copying them into a single tree by loopback mounting them as: disc1/,disc2/,disc3

What exactly does that mean?
Can someone clarify this a little? How do you 'loopback mount' something that's across the network, over FTP?

-- Brian K. Jones System Administrator

Loopback mount is the way that you mount disk images (such as iso images). On the server that has the iso images, you can make the disc1, disc2, and disc3 directories and run `mount -o loop valhalla-i386-disc1.iso disc1/`. This will mount the disk image on the disc1 directory. It will now look just like the first CD-ROM disc.

If you didn't download the iso images, and bought the full set, good for you! You can make the iso images by inserting the discs one by one in you CD-ROM drive, and use this command to create the images:
`dd if=/dev/cdrom of=valhalla-i386-disc1.iso`
Of course you need to change the disc number and possibly the /dev/cdrom entry.


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