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Re: Dynamically sizing swap by memory size?

Sure... here's one way...

If you have a script that generates your kickstart files, just give the RAM size as an input, and let the logic of the script take of it. That seems the easiest way to do it.


John Stoffel wrote:

Is there any way to dynamically resize swap space according to how much
memory is installed on a system?

I figure I could just do 'parted' after the system is up, but this seems
pretty hacky, and a pain since it would have to run during the %post
phase, which would require me to unmount the /mnt/sysimage to do the

Basically, we would love to setup swap partitions according to some
simple rules, such as:

2 x system RAM, minum of 256mb, max of 2gb.

Any clue would be great.


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