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7.3 installer with XFS


I might start to modify the 7.3 installer to make it use XFS out of the
box. Michael Best did some research on it, and below are his thoughts.
Do you think his plan is ok? What are the obvious things missing?
I'm planning to use the 2.4.18 XFS-enabled kernel from oss.sgi.com, and
also start with Michael's work here:


-----Forwarded Message-----

From: Michael Best <mbest emergence com>
To: linux-xfs oss sgi com
Cc: Christophe Zwecker <doc zwecker de>
Subject: Re: Status on RH7.3 installer ?
Date: 14 May 2002 16:10:07 -0600

Perhaps someone knows how to do the step that I stopped on, which was to 
generate a disk/disc image for booting from the cdrom.  The default 
Redhat installer uses a 2.8M installer image in the dosutils/autoboot 
directory of the cd:

  2.8M cdboot.img
  1.9M initrd.img

Which appears to be a 2.8M boot image which contains:

  784k of vmlinuz (kernel) and
  1.9M of initrd.img plus
  various bootup files.

I need to make one of these and then I can probably make a cd that boots 
with a different kernel.  By simply using mkinitrd it makes a minimalist 
initrd image.

I already did these other steps too:

*) Added the xfs utilities to RedHat/base/stage2.img
*) Added the xfs utility rpms to Redhat/RPMS on disc1 and disc2
*) modified RedHat/base/comps to include xfs util rpms
*) updated hdlist/hdlist2 in Redhat/base/ using genhdlist from the
    anaconda 7.3 source
*) learned about embedding the MD5 into the implantisomd5 and
    checkisomd5 from the anaconda 7.3 source
*) examined the anaconda source code for claimed xfs support
    (it appears to append XFS to the list of available filesystems
     if that filesystem choice is available, more work here is needed)


Florin Andrei

Spiderman according to Jon Katz: "the web-slinging arachnoid-nerd from
Queens who gets the bad guy but really wants the girl."

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