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7.3 installer with XFS

>>>>> "Florin" == Florin Andrei <florin sgi com> writes:

    Florin> Guys, I might start to modify the 7.3 installer to make it
    Florin> use XFS out of the box. Michael Best did some research on
    Florin> it, and below are his thoughts.  Do you think his plan is
    Florin> ok? What are the obvious things missing?  I'm planning to
    Florin> use the 2.4.18 XFS-enabled kernel from oss.sgi.com, and
    Florin> also start with Michael's work here:

    Florin> http://www.pendragon.org/projects/valhalla-xfs/index_html

    Florin> -----Forwarded Message-----

    Florin> From: Michael Best <mbest emergence com>
    Florin> To: linux-xfs oss sgi com
    Florin> Cc: Christophe Zwecker <doc zwecker de>
    Florin> Subject: Re: Status on RH7.3 installer ?
    Florin> Date: 14 May 2002 16:10:07 -0600

    Florin> Perhaps someone knows how to do the step that I stopped
    Florin> on, which was to generate a disk/disc image for booting
    Florin> from the cdrom.  The default Redhat installer uses a 2.8M
    Florin> installer image in the dosutils/autoboot directory of the
    Florin> cd:

    Florin>   2.8M cdboot.img
    Florin>   1.9M initrd.img

    Florin> Which appears to be a 2.8M boot image which contains:

    Florin>   784k of vmlinuz (kernel) and
    Florin>   1.9M of initrd.img plus
    Florin>   various bootup files.

    Florin> I need to make one of these and then I can probably make a
    Florin> cd that boots with a different kernel.  By simply using
    Florin> mkinitrd it makes a minimalist initrd image.

[Warning -- RH 7.2 experience]

The initrd can't be made using standard mkinitrd as far as I know.  I
contains a non-standard init which calls /sbin/loader.  /sbin/loader
itself is a sort of swiss knife of lots of apps rolled into one:
language selection, modprobe, hardware probes, etc.  In the end,
loader runs anaconda from the stage2.img.

The easiest way I found of making a custom initrd is to gunzip the
original one, mount -oloop it, make whatever changes are required and
then umount and gzip it again.  Maybe there're some tools available in
anaconda-source or anaconda-runtime-source, but was too lazy to check


-- Raju

    Florin> I already did these other steps too:

    Florin> *) Added the xfs utilities to RedHat/base/stage2.img
    Florin> *) Added the xfs utility rpms to Redhat/RPMS on disc1 and disc2
    Florin> *) modified RedHat/base/comps to include xfs util rpms
    Florin> *) updated hdlist/hdlist2 in Redhat/base/ using genhdlist from the
    Florin>     anaconda 7.3 source
    Florin> *) learned about embedding the MD5 into the implantisomd5 and
    Florin>     checkisomd5 from the anaconda 7.3 source
    Florin> *) examined the anaconda source code for claimed xfs support
    Florin>     (it appears to append XFS to the list of available filesystems
    Florin>      if that filesystem choice is available, more work here is needed)

    Florin> -Mike

    Florin> -- 
    Florin> Florin Andrei

    Florin> Spiderman according to Jon Katz: "the web-slinging arachnoid-nerd from
    Florin> Queens who gets the bad guy but really wants the girl."

Raju Mathur          raju kandalaya org           http://kandalaya.org/
                     It is the mind that moves

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