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Re: redhat updates add new prerequisites (huh?)

You may want to look into autoupdate, written by Gerald Teschel.  Here's
the homepage:


I've been quite happy with it, and have been using it to keep a large
number of workstations in sync.


On Tue, 2002-05-21 at 15:42, Skahan, Vince wrote:
> I see that rh72 has a perl update available.  Cool. The problem is that
> it adds four new corequisites, also available as "updates".  Not cool.
> Those new packages are 'not' updates to existing rh72 packages.  They're
> new packages delivered in the updates tree on redhat.com.  Is there any way
> to batch-mode get the new perl (and prerequisites/corequisites) installed in
> a simple way ?
> Other than the obvious "hey RH, that was dumb" comment, I guess I see a
> limitation in rpm.
>   rpm -ivh installs something new 
>   rpm -Uvh upgrades something there before absolutely
>   rpm -Fvh freshens something that's there before if needed only
> There doesn't seem to be an option saying:
>  - freshen what is there already
>           and
>  - install any corequisites/prerequisites needed to do the freshening
> I'd like to just have one big directory of all the updates available for
> rh72
> at this time, and say "update everything I have installed, plus anything
> else for the new updates too" without needing to absolutely specify the
> rpms to update.
> Is there any way to do this, assuming that I have a local CD of updates
> installed/mounted and no Internet connectivity at all when doing the update
> ?
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