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updated redhat installer mini-howto

I just wanted to let people here know that I have updated (for
rh7.3) a web page I wrote a few months ago about how to use anaconda
to build updated/customised install images for redhat 7.2.

The new page can be found at the old URL, but it is now renamed and
moved here:


The feedback that occasionally comes by is that it has been a great
help for many to get started in the right direction for using
anaconda to build working customised installation disks.  (I would
also recommend subscribing to the anaconda-devel-list).

  With respect to kickstart, it describes how to go about organising
  updated installation images, eg, working network installaions that
  already have the updates (or other customised packages) put into

While the anaconda documentation is starting to get there, it is
still very much (completely?) lacking mention for how to use this
part of its magic.  My efforts are a modest (and hopefully
temporary) attempt to fill this gap.

Any errors, omissions, flames or additions gratefully accepted.

  Tony Nugent <Tony linuxworks com au>
  LinuxWorks - Gold Coast Qld Australia

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