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Re: redhat updates add new prerequisites (huh?)

Yes Redhat really screwed up when they released that Perl errata update, and I grilled them for it. Originally they said it could be updated with a -Fvh, so I submitted a bug report,(http://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=60800) which they closed, and then I resubbed it, and they went and fixed the page, and changed it to a Uvh.

James S. Martin
RHCE (Redhat Certified Engineer)

Skahan, Vince wrote:
I see that rh72 has a perl update available.  Cool. The problem is that
it adds four new corequisites, also available as "updates".  Not cool.

Those new packages are 'not' updates to existing rh72 packages.  They're
new packages delivered in the updates tree on redhat.com.  Is there any way
to batch-mode get the new perl (and prerequisites/corequisites) installed in
a simple way ?

Other than the obvious "hey RH, that was dumb" comment, I guess I see a
limitation in rpm.
rpm -ivh installs something new rpm -Uvh upgrades something there before absolutely
rpm -Fvh freshens something that's there before if needed only

There doesn't seem to be an option saying:
 - freshen what is there already
 - install any corequisites/prerequisites needed to do the freshening

I'd like to just have one big directory of all the updates available for
at this time, and say "update everything I have installed, plus anything
else for the new updates too" without needing to absolutely specify the
rpms to update.

Is there any way to do this, assuming that I have a local CD of updates
installed/mounted and no Internet connectivity at all when doing the update

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