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Re: "required" kickstart directives

On 29 May 2002, Jason L Tibbitts III wrote:

> >>>>> "r" == rpjday  <rpjday mindspring com> writes:
> r> currently, the red hat 7.3 customization guide states that "items
> r> that are not required can be omitted."
> Well, sure, you can leave them out, and the installer will prompt you
> for them.  Perhaps you are misreading "required" as "required for
> unattended install" which certainly isn't the case.

but this makes for a very inconsistent pattern across the directives.
let's say i don't want to configure networking.  wouldn't i be
reasonable in assuming i could just leave out that directive?
which is what i did once, and found out to my chagrin that i
was prompted for networking info anyway.

contrast this with the "xconfig" directive.  what if i don't 
want to configure X?  i can't just leave out that directive,
i have to add the "skipx" directive.

this is clearly inconsistent.  currently, the explanation of the
"network" directive is that, if the kickstart installation does
not require networking, networking is not configured for the
system.  this is clearly the opposite of what used to happen.

so i'm just looking for clarification.  how am i supposed to
know, when i leave out a directive, what's going to happen?


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