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Re: kickstart of 7.3 with small "/" and big "/usr" just won'twork.

Phil Gendreau <phil xmailer ods org> wrote:

> I tryed with more options too, but it doesn't seem to change much:
> If I do it interactively I can see that it get the partioning part 
> right(partitions are there) but it is choking on / size when 
> evaluatingif space is needed. I find it weird that even if I make / 
> biggerI still get the same error. The only way I could find to make 
> it work
> is to comment out that part out and do the partitionning myself 
> (even then, if / is too small I get the error), 

I had this problem before too, I just can't remember what I did to get
around it. I think I just increased the / to > 800 MB. I do remember as
I was increasing the size of / , the size of the additional space needed
kept growing, which made no sense. I think I just hit a majical number
that was satisfied and no more errors.

Sorry I can't help any more. I would definetly classify this as a bug
and file a report on bugzilla as so.


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