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ks.cfg on the cdrom...

Hi All,

I have been successfully placing a kick start config file on the 
cdrom such that you can type:

	linux ks

and it automatically finds the kickstart file.  To do this I found
I had to place the ks.cfg file in the /tmp directory of the 
initrd image that is in the cdboot.img image.  This works, but 
I would like to place it somewhere other than than the initrd image
as making the initrd image requires root access, (need root for a 
loop back mount) but if I could just place it in the fat filesystem
of cdboot, or on the cdrom ISO as seperate file, this would not 
require root access (I am worrying about this as I am trying to create
some tools that untrusted users (at least as admins) can use to 
build our up to date with errata single cdrom installation.

If I put the file on the cdboot.img fat filesystem, I have already 
found (and this makes sense) that ks=floppy just does not work.  I assumed
it would because the cdboot.img was made a floppy by bios from which to boot.
Of course that is bios, and the ks paramter goes to linux, init, and ultimately
anaconda, so by the time it is acted upon the floppy is literally the real
floppy drive )-:

So my three questions are:

	a) Can you tell anaconda to get its kickstart file from a disk
	   image that must be mounted as a loop back?  If so how?
	b) Can you place your kickstart file in a cdrom directory and 
	   expect the cdrom to be mounted at /mnt/source before 
	   anaconda tries to find the kickstart file (thus could you
	   use something like:  ks=file:/mnt/source/ks.cfg
	c) What source file controls the parsing of the ks parameter
	   and obtaining the kickstart config?


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