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Re: 7.3 Kickstart - seems broken

On Fri, 31 May 2002, Tom Diehl wrote:

> You are not filing bugs in buggyzilla?? As much as I hate the thing sending
> them via email to someone may or may not work. Filing them in buggyzilla
> means there is a record of them and anyone can tell what has already been 
> submitted so as to avoid duplicate work. 
> Please, put these in buggyzilla!

generally, i do, when i find problems that are software-related --
things that don't work properly, etc.

but as i go through the customization guide, i've already flagged well
over a dozen errors/ambiguities/typoes and so on.  while i dearly love
bugzilla, there is no way i'm going to go thru the grief of firing
it up to document a typo in a manual.  given the number of little
things i've found, i'd spend half my day talking to bugzilla.
and that just ain't gonna happen.


p.s.  now, if i could enumerate all of these typoes in a single text
file and, at the end, submit that entire file as one submission,
i'd consider that.  but bugzilla doesn't give me that option.

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