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Re: How to use %include ?

On Fri, 31 May 2002, Philip Rowlands wrote:

>Any suggestions how to make %include work?

>I've tried putting the full path (on the NFS server), and various
>mountpoints on the kickstart client, but I can't make it work, and I'm
>too lazy to work out how to hack anaconda and make a new initrd.

Alright, I'm not too lazy...

It appears that the "stage 1" part of anaconda, a.k.a "loader", is
responsible for finding the kickstart file, wherever it may be, and
leaving it in /tmp/ks.cfg. If the source is an NFS directory, it is
mounted on /tmp/nfskd, the kickstart file is copied, and the directory
unmounted. (loader.c, lines 2564 onward)

The fun starts when stage 2 begins. It is this part which parses the
kickstart file (kickstart.py). However, there is no opportunity to use
%include to read in package lists, postinstall scripts or anything else
because /tmp/nfskd was unmounted in stage 1.

What is available, however, is the NFS mount on /mnt/source, which is
pointed to by the kickstart file. Files placed in a directory next to
RedHat and base are available, as /mnt/source/ksinclude, for example.

Alas, even though the file is read, it is ignored, and the package list
is not included. Don't know why.



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